Dev-Log #13 – Nhut Do – Workbook and Testing

What’s Been Going On

     This week has been pretty much the same as the week prior. My main focus has been to get as close to finish with the needed updates section of the Snak3 workbook so that it can be ready to be filled out accordingly. Not much has changed since then – just putting in the final works with the pre-production section and refining some parts I had previously worked on. I also started to tap into the production phases as well, putting in what I was able to. Hoping to get this ready to go soon, it has turned it pretty well and quite lengthy.

     I have also been playing the super early prototype of Snak3 and have been tasked to play it for a bit for the past couple days. I am to document any bugs I encounter, any ideas for gameplay, marketing ideas, and then an honest review of the game. On the first hour of playing through and just testing things out, I ran into quite a bit of bugs. The list of bugs that I found are listed here below with the best possible explanation for them and some with videos to show it.

     Here’s a bug below that I had found that only happens on the 4th level where the player would just get stuck on the wall and is only able to move in a circular motion while in place. There were a lot of other similar bugs that occurred as well, most of which were reproduceable.

     After bug testing and all that, I wrote down some gameplay and marketing ideas for the game. Some simple and some more complex. After that, I wrote a review with a rating out of 5 based on what I played and its comparison to all the games I had ever played. 

What’s Next

     I of course still have the workbook to be focusing on so there’s that. I also have the DVNC website that is on the back burner for now but it will definitely get it’s attention soon enough once I finish the majority of my work on this workbook. Excited to get these things finished.

This Week’s Media

The Call | Season 2022 LoL Cinematic

     If you haven’t noticed already, I geek out over all these LoL news, especially for something as beautiful and masterfully made as this cinematic. Marking the new game season, an annual  cinematic was expected to roll out by this time of year and sure enough it did. And man oh man, they had blown my expectations out of the water with this one. The quality of everything is just so good. It looks so real. We also got to see some champions that we don’t normally see, some of which are my favorite champions so that was a plus. Lore-wise, something big is about to happen.. super exciting.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps and Omno

     Over the past week, I had also played and beat Ori and the Will of the Wisps and Omno. I gotta say, the second Ori game is just a masterpiece and that’s saying something since the first game was already a piece of art. Had so much fun with both of the Ori games. Omno was also another great game about puzzle and exploration. Though short, it was very well made and fun all throughout.

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