Continuing SNAK3

All of my work has been focused in on SNAK3 this past week. I have started a timeline of what needs to be done to make SNAK3 a reality. Right now Vince has posted a demo of SNAK3 so that we could playtest the game. All the elements are coming together from art assets to narration to prototyping. The train is really going now. With this project coming to fruition, a timeline with due dates is needed to layout what needs to be done next.

Setting Up the Timeline

First off, DVNC plans to have a base prototype finished by February 15th. This will be a test run of how the game will feel, furnished with temporary art assets and filler text. To get to this point, the rest of the levels need to be developed and tested. I spent the last few weeks designing levels and concepts for these levels and so far about five of the levels are implemented. Vince has us playtesting these levels and giving our feedback on how we could improve these levels. The game is currently very buggy, but I see the vision being refined and I see the level progression following what Nhut and I laid out!

Next we will want to spruce up the demo with art assets and narrative. I see the art and story department really starting to develop the world and vibe of SNAK3. This process will hopefully be finished around the end of March so we can spend the rest of the year promoting this demo. With the addition of story, some levels may need to be tweaked to better fit the narrative. I am super excited to see this stage of development but sadly I will be ending my co-op around this milestone.

After we complete this stage, we will want to polish the demo for Next Fest. Next Fest is an event on Steam where new up and coming demos are shared. We really want to hit this deadline so we can hopefully gain some fame for SNAK3. DVNC will be setting up a Kickstarter and posting on social media. This will also require finding a publisher and promoting the game to gain funding for further development.

Boss Design Update

I finished the boss design sheet and received some very good feedback from the other designers. I present the Flower Nymph:

The player finally stumbles upon a clearing filled with flowers. They can see the Flower Nymph standing over the trapped Prince. The player goes up to the nymph to engage in dialogue which leads to the beginning of the battle.

Stage 1

The Flower Nymph tries some standard ranged attacks on the player similar to what they’ve seen in levels 1-10. These attacks have two variations, seeking and non-seeking. The seeking ones follow the player for 3 seconds before continuing straight like the non-seeking. The Flower Nymph can be hurt by these projectiles for 1 damage each.

Stage 2

This stage starts at 6 Health, the Flower Nymph stops shooting ranged attacks and goes invisible. After a few seconds, she will pop up somewhere random on the map and do a short melee attack similar to the slimes in levels 1-10. After she sneaks away again, she will leave 8 Flowers scattered around her that must be collected.

Flowers: Every 10 collected gives the player 1 Soldier Follower

Soldier: Will fire a short 360 blast when within range of an Enemy

Stage 3

This stage starts at 3 Health, the Flower Nymph becomes enraged and her speed doubles. Now after her melee attack is a volley of ranged attacks. She now drops 4 Flowers instead of 8.

Obviously all of this is subject to change. I worked a lot with Ameya to flesh out the lore, style, and vibe of what a boss in SNAK3 would look like. Overall everyone liked the concept.

What’s Next

Over the week I will be playing more of the demo to get more of a feel for the game. I have already written up the document responding to the demo but I will add to it. I am also fleshing out the timeline to add more in depth task for Next Fest and Kickstarter. After all of this, I will be doing another timeline for the “Indie Game Design Workbook”. Very excited!

Don’t Look Up

Yesterday I was finally able to watch “Don’t Look Up”, a movie about the world’s response to an apocalyptic event. I personally liked the film, it was engaging and physically made me anxious at various points. However, I have seen pretty mixed reviews online. Most of the criticism that I see negatively compares this movie to Adam McKay’s other works. I saw “The Big Short” and I could see the argument that this movie is worse, but I think the movie accomplishes what it set out to do. “Don’t Look Up” shows the flaws in the American system of politics and media when put under pressure. It is hard to put into words everything that just works in this movie, so go watch it instead! I will admit the first half is better executed than the second half but it is definitely still worth the watch.

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