Getting Started on Sales Work

This week was a lot different than any of my weeks so far at DVNC. I’ve been given a lot of new tasks and my daily routine has completely changed. One of my more consistent tasks has been managing the RPG and and SETVR Twitters. One of the first tasks was setting up retweets. I set a bunch of retweets for the RPG, going till the end of this week. However, I haven’t been able to do any for SETVR yet because I need to set up a new Buffer account for it. I’ve also been using a site called Later to set up regular tweets which is a first for me. I’ve been doing daily posts as well as sales posts for #wishlistwednesday and #screenshotsaturday. 

Vince also has me doing other sales and marketing related tasks. Honestly, it’s a lot to try to wrap my head around but I’m getting there. First I had to read through some articles to get a general concept of what my goals would be. They’ve actually been pretty helpful so far in structuring things such as tweets. Currently though, I’ll be starting marketing work on four different project: Monochrome, SETVR, Snak3, and the Game Design Workbook. Each one has different tasks for each step of the AIDA marketing model. My priorities right now are SETVR and Monochrome. For SETVR I’ve been focused on getting the Twitter stuff down pat and same goes for Monochrome. I’ve also been reaching out to the TikTok marketers for Monochrome just to introduce myself. For the other two projects, I just really set up some starter pages.

Vince also has Ethan, Nhut, and I reviewing Snak3. For the past two days and tomorrow, we’ve been tasked with playing the prototype of the game for a hour each day. We have to make a list of bugs, gameplay ideas, marketing ideas, and also give it and overall rating out of five with an explanation.

Next Week

Next week I’ll be trying to get a better handled on my assigned tasks. I’ll begin marketing on Reddit, editing Steam and Quest Store pages, getting Kickstarters organized, filling the pages with more content, and recording clips of the Monochrome Demo. 

Weekly Media

A new trailer dropped for Pokemon Legends: Arceus and I’m just as excited as ever. It really seems this game is gonna be almost exactly what I was hoping to get out of a Pokemon game.

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