More Concept Art

Last week, I was meant to work on a series of character designs and even a background design. However, I was not able to get all of the things done in that specific time span, so most of the work carried over to this week, which means I can take more time fleshing out and thinking over designs. I tend to work pretty slow and like to find proper references so I can envision what kind of look with embody a character or concept. With that out of the way, I’ll begin with the characters I worked on this week! The Herbalist and the Knight. 

While the style for the knight differs heavily as I adopted more realistic proportions to layout designs the sole purpose was to make sure that every piece fit in together logically and aesthetically pleasing. I wanted to include the technological sci-fi elements into their design as Romeo and Julian tend to look a lot more fantasy. The gender of the knight is still up for debate, so I decided to make three possible iterations for the final product. Personally, I’m really happy with how these designs look and I’m very excited to refine the designs into the more stylistic approach of Snak3. 

The next design is the herbalist! For the first iteration, I wanted to go with something adorable and fluffy, allowing them to look like a herb/potion warehouse. I thought a large bag and bulky gauntlets with lots of garden-motif fabrics and styling made sense for an Herbalist character. While I like this iteration, it did not fit the vision of the character, so for the other designs I was encouraged to try sleeker, less bulky designs. The second design is based off of one of the rejected armor designs for Romeo, so it serves as just a carbon copy of that. There are a few herbs and vials added to the overall theme of the clothes, with metal grieves and sparse armor. The last design is just a simplistic, more dignified outfit, with no armor and just fabric. It resembles more of a scholar, so I think I have pretty good range on whatever this character ends up becoming. 

World Art

I’m not a background artist, but I was tasked to design the first kingdom in the game. Essentially, it’s a carved mountainside with a village being carved into the landmass, with a tree extending out of the village as an important landmark. It’s not a clean drawing, but it does illustrate what I think the world is meant to look like. It’s still very much a work in progress. 

Next, I needed to do some creature designs. I wasn’t given too many boundaries or guidelines, so I could basically explore any kind of animal or fantasy element I desired. The only thing I had to keep in mind was to have the creature be mysterious and enchanting, so I created two different designs for this potential creature. 

Next Week

With most of the initial block-ins for the concept art finished, I’ll probably be assigned to pick color palettes or further refine them based on criticism. I also have a tutorial series that I will be following through, which is another blender object so that I can further refine my 3-D skills. I’m very happy with my work so far and hope I get more tasks like this in the future. 


One of my friends bought me Bayonetta! While I have never purchased one of these games due to lack of knowledge, my sister has played it and told me many great things. She says the character designs are great and that the game is just complete hype. I can’t wait to play it, and if I like it, I can look forward to playing the second game and the upcoming sequel! Other than that, I have just been reading or drawing for the week, usually to the Aviators. Their music slaps, so if anyone wants to check them out they’re on Apple Music and Spotify as well as free on YouTube. 

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