Adapting to New Roles

So this week went a lot different than my predictions from last, which is actually good. I think the best thing over the last week that’s happened has been getting more dialed in to my new marketing jobs.

Most of my time I actually still spend managing Twitter accounts. I was able to make a new Twitter for Snak3 and get it set up with some early concept art. I’ve been trying to experiment with my posts for SETVR and the RPG. I’m really trying to drum up sales this month. So far, I’ve come up empty on the SETVR front. However, I’m making decent progress on the RPG posts. For some reason, this Tweet, people really just liked it. It wasn’t a sales post but I’ve been trying to emulate it to get more likes on this level regularly. I have missed a few important posts here and there but Amber has my back on some of them which is great.

I also did some work fleshing out the Snak3 Kickstarter. I don’t have too much down yet but then again, there also isn’t too much to work with just yet.

Other than that, not much has happened. I’ve been trying to keep up communications with all the people I’m working with. There’s a lot of new names now that Snak3 is starting up. I wasn’t able to record gameplay for the RPG because Macs can’t run 32-bit applications so that stinks. I spent about an hour on Thursday trying to make it work on my old Dell, but no luck. 

Next Week

I’m actually pretty excited for next week because I think I’ll have more time for Graphic Design. I’ll be doing these tasks from this week but also be designing some landing pages as well as putting time into the RPG Book again!

Weekly Media

I actually just discovered this show this morning. It’s called Sabikui Bisco and seems to have something to do with a post apocalyptic world covered in rust. It seems pretty interesting so I’ll probably give it a try sometime soon.

Also, surprised that no one’s mentioned this yet but, Belle. I saw the trailer for it a few weeks ago and it looks absolutely amazing. The animation looks sick, the music sounds great, and for once, I’m a fan of the English dub.

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