Due to some life stuff and Unity cooperation problems, work has been slightly slower than average this week. But that’s not to say nothing got done! Here’s the rundown.

Finding the Root

Last time, we left off on me being unable to find the cause of the issues preventing our ally from animating correctly. After brainstorming solutions, setting up easier playtesting conditions in scene, and tracing issues with debug messages, my supervisor and I eventually found the issue to lie within one of the tabs in ORK Framework. Apparently, the code used for the character’s animation was improperly hooked up. After a quick fix, the animation finally played correctly… sort of. The exact timing and motions were off by quite a bit, but at the very least it was actually running the code. The hardest part was now behind us.

Tweaking Animations

As I had mentioned previously, the animations were a little off. This necessitated fixes on various fronts, including the timeline, animator transitions, and perhaps even the code itself. I’m able to do this on my own with relative ease, but its still a process. Getting the timing down just right is a good example of this; I can just put down any random number of seconds if I wan’t everything to link up correctly. Whenever I make changes, I need to do a quick playtest to make sure that everything happens at the correct moment and in the correct way before proceeding to the next edit. A tedious process, to be sure, but not a wild goose chase. I think it’s safe to say that this task is nearing completion at last.

Next Week

Work on Monochrome tasks will continue smoothly, or so I expect. Aside from that, I’ve been hearing talk of another project called “Snake.” I’ve asked to do some art jobs for the team, and from what I heard I may be doing some concept work for the new project. We’ll just have to wait and see!

This Week’s Media: Smiling Friends Season 1

I haven’t really been too into most adult cartoons, but Smiling Friends is different. Its hard to describe it without scaring people, but just know that it’s really good. Give it a watch if you get the chance! It’ll definitely keep your attention.

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