What's Been Going On

     This past week has been a much slower since I wasn’t feeling too well towards the end of the week. I got a little sick and tired so I wasn’t able to get in as much work as I would have liked to but nonetheless I was able to get some productivity in.

     For the workbook, I had moved onto the Production: Publisher Showcase section of the workbook. I had previously worked on several sections in there already because there was some overlap. For this week, I had started working on some of the marketing sections. One of the sections was a Publisher Press Kit, which was a section that included an elevator pitch, gameplay snippets, images, milestones, etc. Another section I had worked on was the Publisher Prep Checklist which included an area for Publisher 1/5 Page GDD, Pitch Decks, Showcase Instructions, etc. Other than these, I’m still knocking away at the updates list.

     As for the Workbook Landing Page, I had spent just a little time refining the website, though nothing too drastic was changed from the previous version I had posted. The one thing I worked on was a temporary front cover for the book and website. I took the liberty to just quickly throw something together that looked fairly decent so that it wasn’t just a stock temporary image on a white background. I didn’t really have any design or thematic paths I was basing it off of – I just threw something abstract together randomly. 

     I also had taken the time to work on the DVNC website a little more this past week as well. I didn’t do a whole ton with it, just minor adjustments and changes to what I had already made a while ago. There’s definitely still something that I don’t particularly like about it but can’t put my tongue to it. Still going to be playing around with it.

What's Next

As always, I’m going to be working on the Production section of the workbook this week and maybe even further depending on what I get done. I’m still waiting on feedback on both the websites so they are still up in the air. There might be other stuff I’m going to be working on, but not entirely sure on that yet. 

This Week's Media

Low Poly Pirate Cove Diorama

     I found some motivation over the weekend to get back into 3D Modeling and such. It started as a very simple project to just get feet wet again but I tend to get too involved in my projects so how it started is much different from how it ended. Despite that though, I think it turned out pretty well even though there’s a lot more I would have wanted to do with it, but I think it’s at a good place to stop and move on. I made this in Maya and was inspired by Bilgewater and Sea of Thieves. I’m hoping to make this a regular thing moving forward as I push myself to do more 3D work.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps - Main Theme Cover

     Found this on my recommended over the past week and it’s definitely a must listen to even if you haven’t played the game (definitely a little spoilers in there if you care about the story). It’s pretty well known by now how amazing the soundtrack for the Ori game is and this cover of the main theme is absolutely beautiful. It’s a very emotional and inspiring piece. I really wish I could go back and replay these games for the first time again.

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