This Week

Now that I’ve been able to focus on working on the bug that I originally faced, it’s unfortunately just as tough as it was before. Occasionally, the Speaker enemy works as intended, and is able to move along with the animations on a small preset path of just moving back and forth. Most of the time though, one element isn’t functioning correctly. It’s sometimes the animations that don’t play when the Speaker moves, other times it’s the animations playing and the Speaker doesn’t move at all. Even rarer is when nothing seems to happen, but thankfully that has only happened once or twice.

I’ve mostly been focusing on the middle Speaker that walks in front of Gackle. I figured that this would be the easiest one to tinker with, since I have the most simple path planned for it. The yellow line represents its’ path, and the red circles represent the start and end points. I have also had some trouble getting the animations to loop continuously when the Speaker gets back to the original starting point. My guess to that is that I probably haven’t made the coordinates the exact same, but there is still plenty of tinkering to do.

Plans for Next Week

My plans for next week are focused on trying to fix the bug, as well as preparing documentation if necessary for what I’ve been able to accomplish so far. I might be moving onto another project, but only time will tell.

This Week's Media

This week’s piece of media is the new DC Extended Universe show, Peacemaker. This show revolves around John Cena’s character from the most recent Suicide Squad movie, and “his quest to bring about peace, no matter how many people he has to kill to get it”. I just started watching the show and I’m already hooked. It has a similar tone to the Suicide Squad movie, as well as some of the humor from the Harley Quinn animated series. All in all, I’m a fan and I highly recommend this show!

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