Creature Designs

I’m still continuing with concepts and revisions from past weeks with some added new designs. Most of the work is pretty cumulative just because the image is still being figured out and my designs may not be what the creators are envisioning. I started the basic forest creatures last week and was pretty much given full control on what I wanted to do. So far, I really like the designs and the mask motif, even if they don’t exactly match the more cartoon-y style of the game.

The twist now is to design versions of these creatures but instead infected by nano-bots and evil-looking goo. To me, a palette change or even just reversing values can go a long way when expressing corruption and change, so the first thing I did was reverse the colors of major areas of the creatures. For instance, I made the rabbit creature’s mask black and the owl-deer creature’s mask white. I really like the corrupted versions of them so far, but I think some general improvements, like sharper edges or more sinister faces, will really enhance them.

Knight Alternative Designs

I did some updating to the knight characters’ previous iteration. Mainly, I matched the proportions so that they fit closer to the main characters, just so that the style remains consistent. In addition, I did some clean up on the guy on the far left, mainly just to make the design more appealing and cohesive. Besides these updates, I was also asked to make an alternative design as well. 

It’s a different approach, more futuristic and evil looking in my opinion, but I personally like both equally. It really comes down to whatever fits the game more, but I’m proud of the designs so far. 

Blender Shield Tutorial

For the last few weeks, I have been working on a low-poly shield design in a follow along YouTube series. Basically, I would work on the shield when I needed a break from drawing or just to brush up on my 3-D skills. I managed to get through the first part of the 3 part series which solely focused on the modeling of the shield. Here are my results, and I can’t wait to UV-unwrap it and begin texture painting. 

This Week's Media

So basically, it was discovered on Friday night that a huge security flaw existed in the Dark Souls networking systems that basically allowed for phantoms, or other players, to execute remote code on other player’s computers. This flaw has been known about for a long time, and apparently is in every single Dark Souls game, including the remastered and Prepare to Die editions. The servers are down and they are fixing the issue currently, but I’m just concerned that Elden Ring will be delayed again. 

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