This week has been pretty productive for me, beginning to wrap up one task and starting on another.

Getting the Timing

Once again, I have been working on Monochrome’s battle ally animations. There were a few small bugs to deal with (such as turning off gravity so the ally wouldn’t sink into the floor), but none were really that big or time consuming to solve. With most of the technical issues solved, I could focus on adjusting the timing of the animation to have it line up with the ally’s movement.

The way the animation worked was fairly simple; once the ally spawned in, it would move towards the destination while performing a looping walk animation. After getting close enough, its trigger hitbox would touch the destination marker’s trigger, causing it to automatically transition into the walk finish and attack animations. To correct the timing, I would adjust the detection radius of the ally, shrinking it to have it’s attack animation play later and enlarging it to have it play sooner. I considered changing the detection radius instead of the ally trigger, but ultimately decided against it; this way, each individual ally can have their own custom animation trigger radius.

After a few adjustments to the timeline to allow the attack animation to play fully before the ally starts leaving again and to the animator for streamlining, I am nearing completion of this task. The only part that remains is to get the sprite to flip when it walks away, which will hopefully get done today!


My next notable task this week pertains to another project entirely, as well as a completely different role on the team. I’ve been asked to create concept art for the SNAK3 project! Since we’ve got most of the character design down pat, right now the team is calling for prop design. And while characters are my strongest suit, I feel that my miscellaneous items aren’t too far behind! I’ve started drawing up designs for floating chandeliers, and will hopefully finish and submit the first set of designs soon. Below is a preview of 3 of the 4 designs I plan to submit!

Next Week

I will likely be starting on a new coding task some time in the near future, or at least progress towards some extension/continuation of my current one. I am also greatly looking forward to doing more concept art for the other project. A busy week, in all likelihood, but that’s just the way I like it!

This Week’s Media: Pokemon Legends Arceus!

At long last, the next big game in the Pokemon franchise is about to hit store shelves! I’ve been dodging story and gameplay previews to try and get the most out of my eventual playthrough, but even I had to take a peak at a few of the regional form leaks. And while not all of them are perfect, there are plenty of great designs. I am particularly fond of the new Qwilfish evolution, Overqwil. It’s such a dumb name and I love it so much.

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