Tweets and Landing Page

This week, the majority of my efforts were put towards Twitter. As it turns out, managing three accounts is time consuming. The Snak3 account wasn’t too much work because there isn’t a lot to post right now so that’s good. The SETVR account is a bit tough. We get high engagement on important posts (#followfriday etc.) but very little on our sales posts and regular posts. Meaning it takes a lot of time with little to no reward. Luckily Amber has been helping me out with that account with replies and such especially on #followfriday. I did make a confirmed sale though as one person replied under a tweet saying they just bought it. The Monochrome account has been going great. Although the sales posts don’t always do as well, our regular posts are very successful. I created posts that received 76, 81, and 156 likes so far. Which is awesome to have three great posts in just one week.  

In other news, I put some work in on making a landing page for snake. It’s a little difficult because I’m trying to make it look great while also making it effective at capturing leads with not many visuals to work with. It’s going pretty good so far. Little stuck for a color scheme but we’re getting there. It’s still very much a WIP.

Next Week

Next week I would like to finalize the Snak3 landing page and also put more time into the Kickstarter pages and the RPG Book.

Weekly Media

Wasn’t really sure about media this week so I decided to share one of, if not my most favorite animated Disney movie of all time since I’ve just had it on my mind lately.

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