Texturing the Low-Poly Shield

Last week, I completed the 3-D modeling portion of a 3 part tutorial focusing on creating a low poly shield. Overall, I’m happy with how the shield looks and I was very excited to start UV-unwrapping it and painting the textures. Here’s how it looked from last week! Remember, this wasn’t a task I was meant to focus on but rather use as a break from 2-D concept stuff.

Essentially, the whole point of the shield is learning the entire pipeline of creating a completed object ONLY in Blender. As someone more familiar with Maya, often times objects will be exported to other software to be textured, but here you can directly paint on both the model and its UV’s. The person making the tutorial is extremely experienced and gave great tips on how to create wood and even different elevations using nothing but the brush settings in blender, which I found so cool. Here is the result of me following the tutorial!

I might go back and give the metal more variation in value, but overall, I’m very happy with how the wood looks! 

More 3-D Creatures

Last week, I was assigned to create mystical creatures that, while not threatening, still retain mystery and fantasy elements. In addition, I also designed corrupted versions of these designs to accompany the originals, to make them look decayed or possessed. This week, I designed more creatures but this time, with a focus of them being dangerous or predatory. Overall, I was given a lot of creative control here and decided to look to Monster Hunter for reference. 

I really like these designs, even if they don’t necessarily look dangerous enough or aren’t in the vision of the game. Overall, the process of designing and refining them was really fun and the experience I gathered from this task will not go to waste! I’ll be taking another swing at these creatures in the following weeks and hopefully create something that embodies the creator’s vision more. 

Next Week

Apart from redesigning the predator creatures from the ground up, I will be doing more world concept art things. Next week’s focus will be of places and landmarks rather than individual characters and animals, which I think is really cool. I will be designing some interiors as well, and while I don’t have too much experience with that, am excited to try. Next week, I will be drawing a hotel, a fast food restaurant chain, and an indoor lighting fixture. Very exciting!


The official (unofficial) Bloodborne Demake came out this week! A few months ago, I had posted here that the official trailer dropped but now the game is finally out. I love the dedication of the team for creating a project so ambitious from the ground up, not to mention the amazingly charming artistic and sound choices for the game. Here is a video of someone playing through it, just in case anyone is interested in what a PS4 exclusive game looks like as a PS1 game. It’s very cool and I can’t wait to try it out for myself!

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