What's Been Going On

     Nothing much has changed this week. I’ve been continuing my work on the Game Design Workbook. Slowly but surely, I am etching away at the production section of the book. It’s moving a lot more slowly than usual but that’s because I have to do a bit more research on certain aspects before putting things down on paper. 

     I had spent a good amount of time adding and touching up to the previous design of the Game Design Workbook landing page. My primary focus was to add a little bit more content and information that would really help sell the book. For that I had expanded on the sections that were already there. Design-wise, I tried to make things more less clumped and allowing it to have room to breathe. I also made some sections more distinct. 

     Besides adding and touching up on the content, I switched around the order of some of the information. Doing this made certain aspects make more sense chronologically as well as from a design perspective. Draft 2 is now done and I’m overall pretty happy with it. I will say that I’m slightly unsure of something and I can’t really put my tongue to it, but we’ll wait to see what the feedback is. Anyways, here is the landing page’s current state:

     I had also put some time into the DVNC Website over the past week too. At this point, it’s at the final draft stage so everything’s pretty much finished on my part. I’m happy with where it’s at now, but I think there definitely could be something added somewhere but I’ll just wait for feedback now. 

What's Next

     Now that I’m finished both my website tasks, I’ll be waiting on feedback for that and seeing where I’ll go from there. And as always, I’ll be continuing to work on the Game Design Workbook as per usual. My goal is to hopefully get to finishing the majority of the production section through this week. There’s still a little bit to work on so hopefully I can finish it.

This Week's Media

The Elder Scrolls Online - High Isle Reveal

     A new storyline is coming to ESO and it looks absolutely phenomenal. I’m excited to see where this takes the game as I’ve been playing a bit of ESO with some of my friends as of late. I’ve got a lot left of the game to catch up on in terms of storyline but am really excited for this particular region. This was also another game cinematic that has left me stunned by how well it was made and how amazing it just looks. 

Model of my Elder Scrolls Orsimer Monk Character for D&D

     Speaking of Elder Scrolls, I took some time to model my DnD character from our Elder Scrolls campaign. I enjoyed this build quite a bit as it served me multipurpose: to help me do some modeling and see my character come to form. I hope to do a lot more of this in the future as this was extremely fun and exciting to work on.

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