Landing Page and Kickstarter

I’ll start with my usual Twitter update. First off, last week, the RPG account randomly decided to sign itself out and given that I haven’t met with Vince in a week, I haven’t been able to sign back in which means I haven’t been able to reply to comments. Amber helped by covering WW replies last week so that was nice. Other than that, not a ton to report. I was only able to make one great post last week that got 181 likes, the SNAK3 account is now up to 13 followers, and the SETVR account is as troublesome as always.

I also made some decent progress on the SNAK3 landing page this week. I spent a lot of time on the palette but I think it turned out good. Mostly I was taking stock photos and sampling colors until I found a palette that worked well while still fitting within the ideas Vince had put forth. I also had to make sure the palette fit the idea of the game and drew attention to the CTA. It may be a little off the mark in terms of theming but given how early we are in the game development process, it works. I also was working on just general improvements to the design as well as different versions for different device sizes. There are still some finishing touches to do but it’s just about done at this point. 

Lastly, just this past day or so, I put some more work into the Kickstarter Pages, mostly the Design Workbook one. Nothing too exciting to talk about, just plugging in text so that we can get the Kickstarters approved.

Next Week

Next week I’ll be finishing up the landing page for SNAK3 and hopefully getting close to finishing both Kickstarter pages. Maybe I’ll even have time for the RPG book.

Weekly Media

This week I chose the trailer for the upcoming Apex season. The new character. Maggie, looks actually pretty interesting despite the fact that she totally thwarts my main, Rampart.

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