Dev-Log #15 – Ethan Whiting – More Timelines

Under the Weather

Earlier in the week, I had become sick and was unable to my usual tasks. Thankfully I rebounded in a couple days. I resumed my work on Wednesday by capturing footage for Monochrome and creating a timeline for DVNC’s production of the Indie Game Design Workbook.

Indie Game Design Workbook

After completing the SNAK3 Timeline, I was tasked to work on the timeline for the Workbook. I started by looking at the Workbook as it stands now and where we want to go. Firstly the Workbook need minor edits to its format to add more development stages such as Beta, Alpha, Pre-Release, and Release. The workbook has a ton of utility right now for its pre-production planning but needs more sections for development.

After these revisions, the workbook needs to be thoroughly advertised on our social media so that we can generate interest in the product. We have a very active social media presence on Twitter and I believe that we can market the workbook to other game devs on that platform.

The later bits of the timeline are pending revisions but this is a loose guide to our plan. The landing page we have for the workbook (seen on the right) has been produced ahead of schedule. Next we will have to work to continue polishing the workbook and promoting the product for a successful launch on Kickstarter. The dates seen in the image above provides ample time, I see no problem with hitting these dates.

What’s Next

After my work on the Timeline, I also helped out by capturing footage for the Monochrome demo. I used my laptop’s native game recording software after running into problems with other recording software. I wasn’t going to pay for new software and the native software was good enough. Right now I await more tasks. Due to falling ill earlier in the week, I haven’t been well enough to attend the meetings.

We Do Talk About Bruno

Encanto is a great movie, if you haven’t watched it I highly suggest you do! But this song, this damn song. I can’t escape it now matter how hard I try. Youtube knows at this point that if it throws anything Bruno related in my feed that I will lap it up. Lin-Manuel has done it again with a banging soundtrack. Look at this guy. He can’t keep getting away with filling my head with these earworms! I am a major fan of his style and you will hear me talking about Bruno for the next month.

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