Dev-Log #16 – Ethan Whiting – Steam Page Review


Recently the Monochrome Steam page has been updated but is still being worked on. Me and some others on co-op with me were asked to review the Steam page and write our thoughts. This week was a slow week in regards for work so this was all I really had to do; here is a collection of my thoughts.

Monochrome Steam Page

Right off the bat I don’t think there is anything necessarily wrong with the Steam page. It is well formatted and has all the basic components that it needs. There are good preview images and a video, there is news, and there are metrics. The main problem I saw was that there hasn’t been much activity on the page in a while. I know we have been focusing much of our attention elsewhere such as Twitter and Kickstarter so I understand why this is the case.

Additionally most games included feedback from reviewers that will show the buyer a bit more about the game. I know that Monochrome is still in its early stages so it wouldn’t have reviews but we still have tons of testimony from interviews that the rest of the team and I conducted. I think adding to these reviews to the Steam page would help out a ton.

Legends Arceus

Before I give my review, I will say I do not have a Switch nor have I played Arceus for myself yet I still have plenty to say. I have watched many reviews and seen gameplay from my friends. Most of the feedback I hear from the game is positive but it isn’t without its pitfalls. I think that the gameplay and mechanics are a huge boon for a series that has been drying out (even if this is just a Monster Hunter reskin). I am a little disappointed with the art quality, I see where they were trying to go artistically but it just doesn’t feel polished. Overall I think this title was a success for the Pokémon series but still a long way away from the golden days.

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