Today I got startled out of bed and fell over, but that’s besides the point. At long last, my lengthy animation task has been finished, and now I move towards more artistic goals!

Wrapping Up

After completing all the baseline steps for ally animation, the last thing I needed to do was to check that it worked for all applicable allies. In the game’s current state, only the creeper and speaker enemies were in viable enough states to work with, meaning I only had two animations to work with.

The bugs I encountered during this last phase was more of an inconvenience than anything else. Because one of the sprites started out flipped and the other didn’t, I had to make the sprite flipping code in such a way that would reverse the flip boolean rather than having a clear set to true/false. Not much of an issue overall, but it wasn’t as streamlined as I would’ve liked the code to be.

With nitpicking done, all that was left to do was to upload and push my changes on SourceTree. Talk about a long time coming; my last major commit was a little over a month ago!

Hello source tree my old friend

Picking Up the Pen

With the programming tasks wrapped up for the time being, my focus now shifts to the art side of things. And boy are there art jobs! Aside from continuing to push out prop concept art for SNAK3, I’ve also been assigned a coloring job for a Monochrome cutscene! I’m in the midst of figuring out how I’m going to tackle it; there are a lot of rules, after all, and it doesn’t seem like I’ll be able to use my preferred art programs unless I figure out a way to open the specific file types on the app. Overall, I’m eager to have a brief change of pace in terms of work. Weeks of working on the same programming task nonstop takes a toll on me, and even though these jobs won’t be easy, at least my coding side will have a nice respite.

My job is to finish this uncolored cutscene

Next Week

When I said brief respite, I do mean brief. I expect a new coding job to come up in the next few days, though this one will no doubt be faster and smoother with my newfound experience with the code. Aside from that, there’s the art jobs I have at the present. With a two week turnaround for the cutscene and plenty of concept art prompts to work through, I’ll have my hands full for the next few days.

This Week’s Media: Pokemon Legends Arceus but AGAIN!

I know it’s bad form to have the same media to report as last week, but I couldn’t help myself. After getting the game myself, I have to say that I am having much more fun than I originally anticipated. Yeah, the graphics are admittedly not the best, but the gameplay alone is more than enough to outweigh that one nitpick. If you like Pokemon bind find the main line game formula to be getting stale, I recommend giving this one a try. Just watching it simply doesn’t do it justice.

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