Dev-Log #17 – Carolina Escobar – Revisions and Environment Design

Creature Revisions

Everything is a process, and while its fun to keep pressing forward through my work, sometimes its important to reflect on the things I’ve already made. This week, there was an emphasis on the animal and predator designs from prior weeks, as they still don’t quite match up with the vision of the game. So, as always, I was given feedback to better improve my designs or start over altogether with a new direction. Even if some designs don’t quite make the cut, it’s still fun to keep creating and watching the collection grow!

This is probably the third time in a row I’ve shown this guy off, but essentially, I was tasked to make the noncorrupted one look cuter and the corrupted one more menacing. I increased the head to body ratio of the top one to give him a chubbier, cuter look in comparison to the long, ominous version beneath it. I also made it’s coat flowy-er and lighter, just to really emphasize the purity and innocence of the creature. For the bottom one, I made most of the non-white portions even darker, allowing for the white streaks and cracks to shine through even more intensely. I also added sharper claws, more spikes, and jagged, dangerous antlers to really get the point across. Personally, I really like how they look, especially the corrupted version with all of its spikes and the decay motif.

The approach to the revisions of this second design is pretty similar to the first. The creature on the right had it’s head to body ratio increased and its palette lightened in comparison to the one on the left. In addition, I made the tail bushier and the eyes bigger to try to bring an exaggerated cuteness to the creature that was not there before. As for the left creature, I made the proportions a lot more realistic and gave it scarier elements, like a decaying tail that is falling off the body. I added eyeballs and stray bones to the tail to add a grotesque, scariness to it. I also elongated the claws and added spikes to certain parts of its body, similar to the first creature above. Overall, these have to be my favorite designs so far and I absolutely love how they turned out. 

New Beast Designs

So basically, the predator creatures from the week before didn’t exactly fit with the image of the game. While I personally liked them, they were more inspired from things like Monster Hunter, which does not particularly blend with the motifs of Snak3. This week, I decided to do designs from scratch, trying to focus on fear and danger as the main vibe for these animals. I think bones poking out where they shouldn’t and miscellaneous liquid flowing from unseen orifices is scary as heck, so I went ham with these elements. I also like when it’s hard to tell where a creature starts and ends and thought it added to the whole horror vibe I was going for. Maybe its a bit extreme, but I am so proud with how these look. 

Environment Stuff

These are some early sketches focused on the world of Snak3 as opposed to creature or character designs. I haven’t done many variations yet, but I thought it would be nice to put my progress and line of thinking here regardless. I’m still in the process of  receiving feedback for these and will elaborate on them in the coming weeks.  


I have a lot on my plate next week, including some Monochrome animation implementation work. I have to make interior designs for Snak3, do a lineart pass for Romeo, and begin designating color palettes for already existing designs. I’m excited to be working on Monochrome again after a long break, but I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with how much has to be done in the coming weeks. It’s exciting to see projects being finished for sure. 


The only media I have consumed this week is the original Spongebob Squarepants movie from 2004. I forgot how great this film truly is and just how on point the animation and humor are. Honestly, I’d go back and watch it again if I could and highly recommend anyone who hasn’t seen it in a while to do so. 

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