What's Been Going On

     Since I didn’t have a meeting last week with no new updated work, I continued to work on the Game Design Workbook as always. The production section is starting to dwindle down in terms of how much I have left to fill out. I still have to tackle the art and animation portion of the production section. I’ll have to ask around and do some research to get the proper documentation for that step. After that I have a bit of work to do with the marketing section, specifically setting up a kickstarter and the process of making one. That’s pretty much it so far for the workbook.

     Since I had a bit more time, I revisited the landing page for the workbook and DVNC website. I touched up the workbook page a bit more but not too much has been changed overall. It was more of me taking a re-look at the page after some time away from it which tends to help in most design work. I just retouched some things around that was a little off to me. For the DVNC website, the case is more or less the same thing. I added a section where users can add their email and refined some other parts of the website design. 

     I had also started a bit of work on creating some TikToks for Snak3 on Canva earlier this week. I put together some drafts of the Itch.io build onto Canva and quickly edited them together. I will say that I’ve never used TikTok before. Closest thing to it is Instagram reels which I don’t even use that often either, but from what little I knew I kind of knew where I wanted to go. It’s definitely not 100% perfect since I’m not so acquainted with TikTok and it’s trends, but it’ll get somewhere I think. Here’s a couple I’ve made down below. 

     Since I made them in Canva, I made them as more of a blank template since I’ve heard that using the assets in TikTok itself, such as the text and TTS voice overs, do much better for the algorithm. Now I don’t know how much of a difference that makes but I just made them blank anyways just in case. These averaged around 7 or so seconds – none passed the 10 second limit Vince had given me. Now I’m not one to make TikToks so despite that, I think these came out pretty alright.

     And lastly, I gave some feedback on the Monochrome Steam Page in comparison to my favorite or similar games. In short, I just mentioned that it was pretty good the way it was but I suggested adding some banners, panels, or custom art in the description. I found that games that do that help the user better visualize the game while they read over the description. Custom art for headers, gifs of gameplay, or artwork can really help break up the “blankness” of the page. Not saying it’s ineffective to not include these, I just think it rather helps.

What's Next

     You guessed it, I’ll be continuing work on the Game Design Workbook as always. Slowly chipping away at it. Besides that, I’m waiting for feedback on the Landing page, DVNC website, and the Snak3 TikToks. I’ll be awaiting new work after the next meeting.

This Week's Media:

Attack on Titan

     This past week’s episode of Attack on Titan has been long awaited for so long. Seriously, after reading the manga, I have been waiting for this single episode to be animated for the longest of times now and MAPPA absolutely blew this out of the park. If you haven’t watched Attack on Titan yet, give it a go, it is quite the masterpiece. That episode was just crazy… if you know, you know. I’d post the clip of what happened but that would be major major spoilers, so I’ll just post season 2’s opening, my personal favorite.

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