Dev-Log #17 – Sean McLaughlin – Back to the Book

A Variety of Things

I did a sort of hodge podge of stuff this past week. I’ll get the Twitter stuff out of the way first. Nothing too interesting happened with the SNAK3 or SETVR accounts. The RPG account had one gameplay post that broke 100 likes and one sales post hat broke 60 likes (which is unusual for our recent sales posts). 

I also reviewed the RPG Steam page this week but nothing to really talk about there. I did manage to complete the SNAK3 Landing Page as planned. The Kickstarter pages are also nearly done. Or at least as done as they can be with the information I have available at the moment.

And lastly, I was able to work on the RPG Book more this week. After seeing Luca’s art book, I’m planning to overhaul the Art Book section at some point. This week though I was really working to better the Character section. I didn’t get too much done because I was mostly doing minor tweaks to one title to get it to look right. I also was able to move from the Performers to the Villains page. Granted there’s still a few things left to do on the Performers page so I should probably finish that first.

Next Week

Next week will probably be mostly book work or other stuff that Vince assigns me over the next week. Plus probably improvements to the Kickstarter pages.

Weekly Media

I’ve been listening to a lot of Austin Wintory lately who is the composer for the soundtracks of three of my all time favorite games, Journey, Abzu, and The Pathless. I find his music helps me concentrate and drives my creativity.

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