This Week

This week I continued my progress on the Poly-Nav system, but hit a bit of a dead-end in terms of ideas. Based on all of the tutorials that I’ve seen and the information that I’ve researched, I am not sure why this isn’t really functioning the way I am expecting it to. I have started to go through all of the steps that I took, one by one, to see if I made a mistake somewhere. It could be something as simple as forgetting to assign a prefab, but it could also be a structural issue with how I set up the system as a whole.

Jumping ahead to my plans for the upcoming week, as I continue to go through this process, I’m going to create a document that goes through my process of how I created the Poly-Nav system. Hopefully this will allow me to take a different perspective on what I’ve done and maybe catch any mistakes that I’ve made.

I have also continued to split my time with Monochrome and SNAK3, since I am going to be transitioning to working on SNAK3 in the near future.

I’ve contintued to do more bug testing for SNAK3, and another bug that I’ve noticed was one that happens when you get to this specific area in Level 2. The red line is the boundary of where this bug occurs. When your character gets into this area, their sprite starts to shake rapidly, and the controls seem to get inverted. Pressing “D” moves your character to the left, and pressing “A” moves your character to the right. I haven’t noticed this on any of the other available levels yet, but I will attempt to recreate it on the others.

Plans for Next Week

My plans for the next week are to continue familiarizing myself with SNAK3, as well as doing more bug testing for it. In addition, I’m going to draft a document that details my progress with the Poly-Nav system. This will be to ensure that the information will be available to anyone who needs it for another part of the game.

This Week's Media

This week, I’ve got something else that’ll send shivers down your spine. It’s a found-footage style series based on the internet urban legend of The Backrooms. This myth tells the story of an endless maze of office rooms that seem completely random, but something about them seems just not quite right. It utilizes the eeriness of liminal spaces and the idea of places being too uninhabited. The style of the series reminds me of a mix between Local 58 and the Blair Witch Project, which makes for some wonderfully spooky moments.

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