Dev-Log #17 – Ethan Whiting – Pitch Decks and GDD


This past week my work for DVNC has returned to regularity. Over the weekend I made updates to my previous work where needed. Vince has been giving me feedback for my work and often tells me when something needs revisions. I updated the Workbook Timeline and made edits to some Monochrome clips. This week I have been given more tasks related to SNAK3.

The Return to SNAK3

In the past I have enjoyed my work on SNAK3. I have designed levels, user guides, and bosses while collaborating with other DVNC creators. This week I have been working more towards developing publisher information.

Here is a look into my tasks for this week:

  • SNAK3 Publisher Pitch Deck
  • SNAK3 1 Page Publisher GDD
  • SNAK3 Publisher FAQs
  • SNAK3 Publisher Assets List

I have worked briefly on all of these besides for the FAQs so far. For the pitch deck I am following the layout of other pitch decks that DVNC has produced. I will need to work more with other SNAK3 creators to find curate the game’s strengths in a way that would appeal to a publisher.

A lot of the work I have done in January with other artists has prepared my work for the GDD. The game design document that I will be writing will have to tie together everything that makes SNAK3. I found a really neat article that explains the problems with GDDs, I hope to follow the tips the article suggests.

Then there is the asset list. This consists of a lot of the work that our artists have produced so far. Carolina has been going hard making some amazing concept art for SNAK3. As I develop the asset list, I will want to compile all of this greatness into one easy to access place.

Short Little SNAK3 Rant

From what I have seen, the end goal for SNAK3 looks very promising. I am hoping to continue working on this awesome project and help this title in any way I can. The game right now is taking a major back seat to Monochrome — as it should, Monochrome Episode 1’s release date is rapidly approaching. As SNAK3 develops, I hope the beautiful vision only further blooms alongside the gameplay.

Longer Rant About Polytopia

Long time readers of my blog will know that I am a sucker for 4X games (and also for plugging games that have been out for half a decade but who cares). “The Battle of Polytopia”, more commonly known as just “Polytopia”, is a game that is very special for me. I stopped playing for a few years but picked it back up recently as a great multiplayer game to play with friends. While most 4X games are bulky, serious, anxiety inducing, and take hours to learn, Polytopia is a simple take on the 4X genre. I can hand you Polytopia and you could probably learn the core mechanics in 10 to 20 minutes. Polytopia is also super light with its theming. While the tribes might look like real world cultures, they all function pretty similarly and along side these real life inspirations are also tribes of environmental elves and parasitic bugs. There really is so much joy packed into this simple little game. If you are looking for a turn based game to play with your friends, give this one a try. It has brought me hours of joy and I bet it will do the same for you.

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