I might not have been programming that much this week, but rest assured I was hard at work! Here’s an overview of how I tackled my first major art assignment!

Base Colors

As stated in my previous entry, I was given the responsibility of finishing a cutscene for Monochrome. The outline was finished, but coloring and shading were up to me. Starting off with the fill colors, I elected to work in Photoshop to begin with. Normally, I’d prefer drawing with ProCreate on my iPad, but seeing as how the document was already a psd and how transferring the file to my iPad seemed to mess up both the crop and the layer naming, it just seemed better to stick with the laptop this time around. Besides, coloring doesn’t require to much dexterity on a computer given a nice thick outline. Using the polygon lasso tool and fill bucket, it was easy, if a bit time consuming.

Flat colors without the outline

Information about character colors were provided to me in the form of a document with hex codes. This proved to be incredibly helpful (no surprise there), but there were a few instances where I had to make my own calls on the color. Notably, the color of the scarecrow’s patches, arm band, and sign had no explicit color definitions. For the arm band and patches, I thought it would be best to stick with the palette I was given, reusing colors the design already called for rather than picking my own. The sign, on the other hand, was completely up to me. Working in a black and white color palette meant my options were already nice and shaved down to begin with, but I do recall taking a moment to debate the color of the tape.


When the time came to move on to shading and highlights, Photoshop’s just wouldn’t cut it. Without a drawing tablet to connect to my computer, I am forced to rely on my mouse to draw, which is not only incredibly slow but also incredibly messy. But like I have stated earlier, I couldn’t do all the work on my iPad if I intended to preserve the layout of the file itself.

The plan I settled on was to complete the shading and highlighting layers in ProCreate and then export the finished layers into Photoshop. A bit more obtuse than one may expect, but this way I get the best of both worlds; the shading can be done cleanly with pen and pad, all the while maintaining the layering and cropping of the original document.

Scarecrow HS Layer
Otto HS Layer. The triangles in the corner are there to make sure that the layers would be centered correctly when I paste them in Photoshop.

Next Week

It appears that I am well on my way for meeting the cutscene deadline, so I’ll probably finish up the cutscene over the next few days. I also got some more concept sketches for SNAK3 to polish up and submit. In terms of programming, I should be getting a new assignment today. There’s a lot to cover, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a good time!

This Week’s Media: 2.9.2022 Nintendo Direct

I may not be talking about Legends Arceus again, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not still on the Switch train! I honestly have no idea what I could want from this direct specifically, but given the sheer number of Nintendo games in the oven, I can’t help be feel optimistic. I guess if I could guarantee one bit of news, it’d probably be anything about Hollow Knight: Silksong. That game’s been starved for screen time for a good long while, and I think a dash of indie news would be a fantastic way to kick off this year.

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