Monochrome Character Implementation

It’s back to basics, baby. I started character implementation at the end of the end of the previous week, but didn’t finish all of the Grayshade Valley Characters. This wave of implementations is particularly huge and is extremely exciting to see all of the work be organized inside of the project. The animators and artists have done an amazing job with the expressive, fluid animations and seeing all the puzzle pieces come together result in an amazing, passionate game. The assigned Grayshade Valley characters were:

Buff Bee

Gazer Prowler

Queen Bee

Scrawny Scarecrow

Squeaky Squirrel


Alice Fields


Ancient Tree

These characters were high priority and I’m glad I finished them in a timely manner. A few animations are still missing and some need minor adjustments, but overall everything is smooth sailing. 

This Week's Art/Design Work

Despite having unfinished tasks from previous weeks, I was given more, higher priority tasks for this week and the following week. Most of these tasks just involve creating more finalized concepts in order to flesh out the artistic vision and directions of Snak3. In short, I will be experimenting with later stages of concept art, like color palettes and line art. The first art-focused task I have completed this week is some conceptual line art for Romeo! I wanted to use sketchy, ink-like lines in order to create a comic-book like feel. 

Personally, I really like the black shading under the eyes and neck and feel like it has a really goth vibe. I took a lot of inspiration from Scott Pilgrim too, which is very evident in the artstyle itself. 

The next thing I had to do was come up with car ideas for the game, which is set to take place in a futuristic, sci-fi environment blended with fantasy and whimsical elements. For the first car design, I went with something a little bland, just because the description provided was just a sedan with no added features of note. I wanted something kind of interesting, so I added some metal decals and cool looking pipes. I hope it isn’t too obvious I’ve never drawn a car before, but for a first go I think it’s pretty okay.

The second car is meant to be a futuristic flying car, similar to the ones seen in sci-fi movies and whatnot. I was allowed to have a bit more freedom here so I came up with a terrifying, massive, dark machine that ominously flies overhead. 

The final design concepts for this week are floating wall sconces, which will be going hand-in-hand with more lighting fixture designs in the future. I wanted to give them all a whimsical vibe, as they all need to levitate instead of being mounted to a wall. There’s a lot of freedom here and I wanted each design to be a loose direction rather than a finalized concept. Overall, I’m happy with how they look and I’m excited to take any of these designs further. 

Next Week

Most of next week will just be more design completions for background and world building elements. There could be more implementation work or corrections, but that will have to be told to me later on down the line. I’m very excited to continue the design work on Snak3 and am grateful to see my work serving at the foundation for the world of the game. 


I rewatched Encanto this week! It’s definitely one of the best Disney animated movies the studio has released in a very long time and I love the music and story so much. I might be a little biased because I come from a Colombian family, but the way this movie captures family and love is so beautiful to me and I could watch it a thousand times. I hardly doubt anyone here hasn’t seen the film, but on the off chance you haven’t seen it, make it a priority. It’s such a beautiful film and I’m glad Disney handled the dark themes so well without censorship.

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