What's Been Going On

     This past week I had worked on transferring the Canva design of the Game Design Workbook onto Leadpages and had also made some progress on the Workbook. Besides that, there wasn’t anything extremely different in terms of work change so this will be a quick one.

     For the Game Design Workbook landing page, I had got the go to move my design over onto the Leadpages, which I wasn’t too familiar with. But I came to learn it was very similar to WordPress so it was quite easy to work with. Of course my first thing that I had to tackle was to figure out how to “accurately” transfer my Canva design over onto a more systematic and widget-based approach. Dealing with this type of transfer, there is always going to be a compromise somewhere because Canva and Leadpages work differently. 

     Again, first thought was that it’s not too entirely different than WordPress so getting used to it wasn’t that bad. What I did find out that it felt a little more limiting than what WordPress was capable of in terms of website designing and configuring. But luckily I didn’t need to do too much with it to get it the way that I wanted it to look. I’ll say that WordPress has a lot more design freedom and such but Leadpages definitely has a better marketing purpose, which is definitely the right tool for this landing page. 

     As for the workbook, I had made a little more progress on the sections I wanted to tackle. I didn’t get to do as much as I wanted to do last week so my goal this week is to catch up on that work. Other than that update, not much else with the workbook. Just continuing to go at it.

What's Next

     Since Vince is on vacation this week, there’s no meeting – meaning no work updates. So as per usual, I’m going to be pushing at the last couple sections of the workbook as of right now. For the website, I’d like to call it done for now until I get further feedback unless I decide to change anything with it later on. 

This Week's Media

Doctor Strange

     When I saw this teaser in theaters, I was so excited to see another movie from my favorite Marvel Hero. Quite frankly, the first movie was okay compared to other Marvel pieces. Visually, it was amazing as I love seeing illusions, magic – especially spellcasting magic, and great cgi – as per usual with Marvel. Story-wise, I thought it was a little lackluster but it was alright. Seeing the trailer on Superbowl Sunday made me so excited since it looks so great and they’re continuing to work with multiverses, so let’s see where this goes.

The Backrooms

     The backrooms is probably one of my favorite and least liked SCPs. This video that my friend had shown me depicts the backrooms in such a perfect yet horrifying way. And from a production point of view, it’s absolutely amazing how he has managed to make this all in blender and such. It feels so real to nature. Scary, horrifying, yet so good.

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