More Book Work

As with every week, I’lll talk about Twitter stuff first. No real progress was made on any of the accounts sadly. The streak of hot posts that the RPG had has died down. There was a 50 likes sales post but no 100+ likes on a post this week. The SETVR and SNAK3 accounts are as they always are. There are 20 followers of the SNAK3 account now and Vince had me up my retweets to five a day as opposed to three. Vince is also having me do Tweepi follows again for SETVR this time. He didn’t give a specific number so I try to do about 75 a day but sometimes I come up short. 

Vince is also having me make some TikToks for SNAK3. I’ve done two so far. They’re decent I guess but nothing to write home about.

I got to put a lot of time into the RPG Book this week. I’ve been working to perfect the character pages. I changed a lot around with Otto’s pages and I think it’s a great improvement. Now I just have to make the other pages match that quality, which has been a huge issue for me. The Critics’ pages didn’t look as put together as the Performers’ pages. So I came up with a new better design. But now this design has two problems. 1.) It will be hard to find spaces for the text. So I either have to fix the old design or find a space for text on the new one. 2.) The new design outshines the Performers’ page. So I either have to stick with the old design, use this design for the Performers’ page, or come up with a new design for the Performers’ page.  If I do go back to the old design in any of these scenarios, I’ll probably use the new design for the Credits page.

Otto's Page
Performers' Page
Critics' Page Old Design
Critics' Page New Design

Next Week

Next week I’ll be finishing up my assigned TikTok work. I’ll also have to make so decisions on the characters pages and do a lot of experimenting to find out what works best for the book.

Weekly Media

The Jurassic World Dominion Trailer dropped which is super cool. Love seeing Alan Grant again and love the winter setting for at least some parts of it. There are some details though which concern me a little. But I’m gonna keep an open mind and hopefully it’ll be awesome.

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