The Pitch Deck

For the pitch deck I am following the layout of other pitch decks that DVNC has produced. I will need to work more with other SNAK3 creators to find and curate the game’s strengths in a way that would appeal to a publisher. I have found a few really good sources of inspiration for where the pitch deck should be heading.

I am mostly following this pitch deck guide. This guide really lays out what to include in modern pitch decks and lays out some of the mistakes other pitch decks make. Essentially there are six slides to follow:

  • The Intro
  • Current Status Quo
  • Product and Solution
  • The Market
  • Why Us
  • The Ask
The standard intro/hook for DVNC pitch decks

I have filled out most of these topics and will be refining the rest of the content today. I want to make sure that the tone of the pitch deck matches the company’s energy so we can find the right investors and stand out. By using our epic concept art and our unique perspective on how we fit into the game market, I think I will be able to handle this.

What’s Next

Vince is out on vacation for the rest of this week so I will just be developing the other publisher assets like the GDD and the FAQs list. Some of my product will have to contain place holders for assets we complete further into production. Either way I hope to get more work done over the next few days since I have been slammed with external work for the first half of the week.

My Nine Hour Twilight Imperium Game

A really good Shut Up and Sit Down review of Twilight Imperium

It was a Sunday afternoon, I arrived at my friends apartment around 1pm for a nice game of Twilight Imperium. I was looking forward to watching the Super Bowl and was reassured that the game would be done in time for me to go back home and watch the game. Instead I found myself pulling out my hair around 10pm over a tight serious of space battles after I unintentionally started intergalactic conflict about 3 hours prior.

Twilight Imperium is a complex yet fun take on the Sci-Fi board game genre. Players will guide their nation through expansion, diplomacy, trade, and war. What I found most fun about this game was the way the game bakes in other play styles besides war. If you like epic space sagas with high levels of diplomacy and intrigue, I suggest taking a look at this beautiful game.

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