This week saw me finishing up the cutscene and getting back on Unity! Let’s see how that all went.

The Final Touches

When I last left off, I was just about done finishing the shading layers for the characters in the foreground. However, I had yet to start on the background, which unlike the characters, didn’t have a handy color reference sheet for me to peek at. I decided to improvise, and took a gander at other already finished cutscenes for color sourcing. No single scene had all of the attributes I was looking for, but I was able to piece together a good looking color palette after sampling from several finished scenes. All that remained was to color and shade it all in. And while the background was substantially larger, the overall simpler shapes made it a cinch to color compared to the detailed characters.

SNAK3 Work

Cutscenes aren’t my only art work; I’ve also been putting some good effort into creating some early concept art for SNAK3’s world. The reference images are confusing me a little, as I find myself questioning whether my work is would fit in with semi-modern medieval sci-fi fantasy thing the game has going on. Modern sci-fi fantasy is a really tough thing to nail down, I suppose; I always end up drawing something that’s lacking in one of those areas. So far, I’ve yet to complete another piece of concept art I feel is both creative and fitting, but I haven’t given up yet!

Back to our Regularly Scheduled Program… ming

Though I thoroughly enjoy myself a chance to brush up with the brush tool, those are all merely side jobs. My main task is a programmer, and as such it was only a matter of time before I was back on that Unity engine grind. The task this time is giving an area a complete face lift; the basement level appears to be pretty outdated, and it is my job to update it accordingly.

Being off the code for a few days had a pretty significant right away, as I recall it taking upwards of 2 hours to simply load in all the new updates to the game. That time was somewhat well spent on concept art, but it was still a rather concerning amount of time to blow on just loading the project. Thankfully, everything else has gone smoothly, and I am in the early phases of reconstructing the basement as we speak. Organizing everything as I go makes it a little slow going, but I believe it’ll be worth it later down the line when someone has to look through the clutter.

Next Week

Because coding is always deceptively meddlesome and convoluted, remodeling will likely take me to next week even though it seems like a pretty simple task on the surface. I’m just waiting for some wacky thing to completely break the whole thing. Aside from that, I suppose I’ll continue working on SNAK3 art when I find opportunities to do so.

This Week’s Media: Salmon Run Next Wave

As part of last week’s Nintendo Direct, we got a sneak peak of Splatoon 3’s new revamped Salmon Run! I’ve always been interested in Splatoon; the gameplay looks fun and unique, the community is refreshingly non-toxic as far as I can tell, and the character design and music are incredible. However, due some strong biases against FPS games in general, I’ve been too shy to play these games myself, instead reserving my fascinations to skirting around the outskirts and looking in. However, I think I’m going to give the third game in the series a honest to goodness shot. It’s shaping up to be a great game, and I now have a bunch of friends I’d like playing with together.

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