Dev-Log #19 – Nhut Do – SETVR TikToks and the

What’s Been Going On

     Since I had no meetings with Vince, my primary work over this past week was to finish out the workbook as much as possible. I got around to a good portion of work completed for the workbook.

     For the workbook, there’s not much too go over than what I’ve already gotten to in the past. Over this week, I knocked out some of the marketing material in the production section pertaining to the kickstarter, itchio, and general kits. There’s still some sections that I had left unfinished just because I’m waiting on feedback on those before moving on with it. And then I just spent some time going back over the earlier pages just to proofread or check on anything that looks like it needs updating.

     Earlier this week, I began working on some TikToks for SETVR. For content material, I have some gameplay and real life clips to use. So far I’ve just been sifting through the clips to see what I can come up with. I’ve made a couple so far as drafts to see where I can take it. Here’s 2 below that I was playing around with. I’ve got around 10 or so to make for the next week so I’m in good shape.

What’s Next

     As of right now, I have the 10+ SETVR Tiktoks to do for next Wednesday. I am waiting on some feedback and updates on both the workbook and the two websites I created. For this week, I’ll just be focusing on the SETVR Tiktoks and maybe dive back into the workbook sometime too while I wait on feedback.

This Week’s Media:

The Legend of Vox Machina

     I binged the entirety of Critical Role’s The Legend of Vox Machina over the weekend with some of my friends and man is it a great show. It’s definitely a good show even if you don’t know anything about Vox Machina or Critical Role, but if you are into their campaigns, it’s a wonderful tribute to their work. The animations, voice acting, and story are all amazing. 

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