Dev Log #19 – Riley Chiang – Crash Fest

This week’s job was supposed to be simple, but as you may already know, programming is never as simple as you hope it is. Let’s see what happened!

The Task

The basement has been pretty outdated for a while now, so my job this week was to apply necessary updates. This includes rearranging objects in the scene, rewiring some scripts to account for the new changes, and a few other miscellaneous things. Overall, a rather straightforward problem with a straightforward answer. I was even given a blueprint to assist in construction, allowing me to work rather briskly. Things were going exceptionally well!

Then My Computer Crashed

Saving your work is like putting on a seatbelt: you won’t realize you didn’t do it until it’s too late. Since I hadn’t had any problems with my device to this point, I mistakenly assumed that my work was safe and grew lax with the saving. This was further bolstered by the fact that I was working primarily in actual code rather than the editor (which alerts you to unsaved changes in the script) in the past.

With my defenses down, the crash hit me like a truck, practically undoing a good chunk of progress. With no way to recover my losses, I simply had to steel myself and start rebuilding from the ground up, vowing to never let such an occurrence happen again.

It Crashed Again

In the middle of my work, my computer once again decided to have an error that undid my efforts again. This one I feel less bad about since I was in the middle of working when the crash happens, but in the end it was still I that was caught with my pants down. Fool me once, shame on you. But fool me twice? That’s on me.

I have begun fervently saving my work if I so much as move a single glass of juice in the scene. Currently, I’ve been able to reconstruct the scene in accordance to the blueprints and am starting rewiring the scripts and such. Given how many setbacks I’ve been hit by, I was able to reclaim a lot of ground, but it looks like this “simple job” is going to need a bit more time to complete.

Next Week

So long as I keep saving my progress and working diligently, I don’t foresee this particular job being too taxing on my time. I should definitely be able to finish up by next week, or at least hit some sort of benchmark. I haven’t forgotten about SNAK3 art, either; computer difficulties may have claimed my attention this time around, but I’ll probably have more time to focus on art these upcoming days.

This Week’s Media: The Cuphead Show!

Cuphead’s come a long way, and I like to think I was there for a good chunk of the journey. I remember back when it was just a small WIP indie game with acapella sound effects and like two clips of gameplay. It’s amazing that an indie title could come such a long way, and it serves as inspiration for aspiring developers like me. Who knows what the next thing to hit the big time will be!

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