Lightening the Twitter Load

As it would turn out, the reason I was doing a lot of Twitter marketing stuff each day was because the other Twitter marketer was on a break. However, now that they’re back, the amount of Twitter tasks I have has significantly decreased. For the SNAK3 account, I’ll be making posts every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. I’ll also be commenting on 25 posts as well as doing 3 retweets per day. For the SETVR account, I’ll be making 1 post every day as well as scheduling 3 retweets per day. The same goes for the RPG account.

Despite my Twitter work though, I’ve still had more time to work on the RPG book. I think I figured out my character page problems so now it’s just a matter of finishing the execution of them. It took a while of just starring at different Vaudeville posters, but I think I found a solution that still allows the Performers page to seem important without having to sacrifice my Critics page design. It may take some tweaking or I may have to flip the designs for the Critics and Performers, but it works. I also did some minor changes to Otto’s page. I mostly just darkened the background elements to increase contrast. 

However, after working on character pages for so long, I needed a bit of a break, so I shifted my focus to the items page where I’m currently working on redoing the shelf asset. Which is tricky because I’m trying to give it some semblance of perspective but that means the text doesn’t have enough space. So it’s just been back and fourth edits to try and get everything working properly.

Next Week

Next week I have a few tasks I need to make sure I finish. One is making sure that the Kickstarter pages are as good as they can be for now. The other is doing the Marketing Funnel documentation. Other than that, it’s pretty much just Twitter Marketing and the RPG book as normal.

Weekly Media

The final trailer for The Batman was released. Not sure how I feel yet. There are some things that I’m questioning but I like the Arkham game vibes I’m getting. It comes out the day after my birthday so hopefully I can see it with my friends or family.

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