This Week

Throughout this last week, my main focus has been working to fix the issues with my Unity project and get things back up and running. I went through the files from the project, and specifically picked out the ones that I worked on. I then took these files and duplicated them into a separate folder for safekeeping. Hopefully I’ll be able to refer to these files if there’s ever an issue again. These are the files that I specifically worked on for the Poly-Nav system and the Behavior Designer.

The next step was then to delete the Monochrome repository from GitHub/SourceTree and attempt to re-clone it. Of course this didn’t come without its issues, and the cloning of the files would fail occasionally or would take upwards of an hour or two. Finally, yesterday, Daye and I hit a breakthrough and he helped me re-clone the Monochrome repository in a different way than just through SourceTree and it seems to have worked. From my poking around it seems like everything is intact and there aren’t any project breaking errors. The next step from here is to insert my copied files from the old repository and see where I can go from here. Fingers crossed that this is the end of my issues!

In addition to trying to fix my Unity project, I continued bug-testing/play-testing for SNAK3 during the long loading times. There were no new major issues to report that I noticed, but I look forward to seeing what else this project has in store!

Plans for Next Week

My plans for next week are to continue where I left off. Hopefully now I’ll be able to continue the documentation since I can open my Unity project now, and I will continue to bug test and get familiar with SNAK3 until I am formally transferred over to that project.

This Week's Media

Let’s do it. You know what time it is. Time to share the latest piece of creepy/horror media I’ve found on YouTube. This week I’m bringing a mix of everything on the table with what’s known as the Five Night’s at Freddy’s VHS tapes. These tapes are a collection of YouTube videos based on expanding the lore of Five Nights at Freddy’s. They really play into the “wow animatronics are weird and have unsettling movements” fear that made the original game so popular. The videos were originally made by a user named Squimpus McGrimpus, but the video I’ve shared was a remake (with permission) using different models and added content by a user named Battington.

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