Dev-Log #19 – Ethan Whiting – Finished Documents


This week I have been able to complete the SNAK3 Publisher Pitch Deck and the SNAK3 Asset List. These assets will be crucial for finding more funding for DVNC and develop SNAK3 as a legitimate title.

The Pitch Deck

For the pitch deck I followed the layout of other pitch decks that DVNC has produced. I used some of the videos of how to make a pitch deck from last week. These videos were able to provide me with the method that big companies followed to secure funding.

I wanted to make sure that the tone of the pitch deck matches the company’s energy so we can find the right investors and stand out. I made sure to use our epic concept art and our unique perspective on how we fit into the game market.

Monochrome Clips

I have also been curating some clips for Twitter posts about Monochrome. I recorded gameplay and then used my computer’s native editing software to piece together the clips.

What’s Next

We are rapidly approaching deadlines at DVNC. As we try to find more investors and publishers, we are going to need all our ducks in a row. I will be working with Vince and other DVNC employees to ensure all of our publisher materials are up to date. Thursday night we will be meeting as a team to create a game plan going into my last month of the co-op.

The Algorithm Knows What I Want

Recently I have turned on Youtube while I work. Its a bad habit to get into but I am already trying to diet and workout so I need my vice. It has been funny seeing Youtube morph over the past couple of weeks.

First there was Binging with Babish, a fun cooking channel that lured me in with fun recipes from pop culture.

Then Youtube decided to only show me food related content. Next channel that they recommended was Adam Regusea who is a really talented yet relatable chef.

Then Youtube decided that wasn’t enough so now I have Food Theory videos in my feed. No matter how hard I try, I can’t resist watching MatPat’s newest video about which fast food chain has the best fries or how to make the best burger.

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