Follower Concepts and Revisons

This week, I’m still steadily chipping through the long list of work I have been assigned from almost 3 weeks ago. More keeps coming along, but I’m mostly focusing on results that both the artist’s vision and myself are satisfied with. The first order of business was to modify the designs from the previous week to fit a different mold while also designing additional follower concepts. I completely scrapped the archer and the techno-priest designs in order to rework them from the ground up. The general vision is that the archer would be a young cat girl and the priest an alternative-looking rebellious type. They’re a far cry from what I originally designed, but I am far more satisfied with these. 

The final two designs I had to complete were the bard and the tamer. I have not received proper critique for these yet, but likely, there will be some revisions. I’m personally really proud of the look of these characters, even if they may not be the intended vision of the game. More is coming down the pipeline, I just work a little slow. 

Monochrome Implementations

The Airtable is steadily being updated with all the new and revised sprite sheets. These sheets apply to both new characters that have yet to have prefabs created for them as well as older characters that may need a bit of cleaning up. This week, I was tasked with switching out the older sheets with the newly updated ones. On a positive note, the Buzzer is beginning to look more polished and complete. Buzzer has been a character I’ve been consistently running into issues with, but now is looking great. On the other hand, a lot of the other revision sheets had issues… some of them changed nothing upon being implemented and others weren’t transparent or broke an already fine animation… I will continue to work through these flaws and report where I see them. I can’t wait to see this project through knowing I played a part, regardless of how menial. 


Elden Ring launches this Friday… Writing this after playing it, I must say that this game is absolutely phenomenal, regardless of the performance issues on PC. The enemies, the legacy-style dungeons inside the already open world, and the countless hours of thrilling exploration. Of course, I am already learning the bosses to the fullest extent I can in order to become a god in this game. Honestly, it’s the best parts of Dark Souls blended with a masterfully crafted open world with plenty of enemy and environment diversity. Truly a masterpiece, and I already have like 65 hours in it haha. 

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