What's Been Going On

     This past week I had been ramping up a little more work. I had dove into some work for the SETVR Tiktoks that I had started early last week. And then after review and feedback, I continue work on the workbook with lots of stuff to tackle.

     Starting off, I had made a good amount of SETVR Tiktoks that showed several aspects of the game. As for content, I had a large amount of footage of SETVR at the conference as well as a decent amount of actual gameplay. I went about the footages and gameplay and just played around to see how I can show the pieces off or somehow splice some together. I was able to get a good portion spliced and put together for some short Tiktoks.

     For the workbook, I had my work looked at and reviewed by Vince. I have now been given a good amount of work to complete for the Production Section. There’s a bit of refining what was already made but there are a good bit of new sub-sections for the production section that I need to complete. So I had spent some time looking at what I needed to do and did a little bit of research on how to document some things the best I can before I go reference some people. 

     What I had actually decided to do was do a little reformatting because this workbook is getting pretty lengthy already and I was started to get a little overwhelmed by the formatting and size of the document. I was also looking to make it more comprehensive in some sections too. I began by reformatting the way the outline looked by readjusting a lot of the documents Headers. Even though I haven’t finished, I began to feel a lot  better at it as it didn’t look as convoluted as before. It doesn’t look like much but the way I had it formatted before was absolutely terrible structure-wise. The left is what it looks like now and the right is what it was before.

     I then went back and added some introduction pages for some of the sections in Production to help the user better understand the point of the document and how to use it. I didn’t do this before for what is basically the rest of the document so in addition to the work I had received this week, I am going to go back and write up some sections both to help the user in their experience as well as to visually break everything from blocks. 

What's Next

As mentioned above, I have a lot of work built up for me for this week. First priority is to get as much done of this workbook as I can as things begin to ramp up. I also have some new material and branding changes that I have to implement into the DVNC website as well. I’ll be looking into that later this week as I decide how I want to move on with it. I’ll be pretty busy with these 2 major tasks.

This Week's Media:

All of Us Are Dead

     I’ve been watching a Korean adaptation of a webtoon, All of Us Are Dead on Netflix and it’s really good. It isn’t the typical zombie apocalypse show and each episode provides something new and exciting. It’s definitely a good watch if you’re into things like this, especially if you had liked Train to Busan. 

Some Renders

     Had some time over the weekend to make some quick models and render. After the first low-poly render, I decided to add some high-res textures in a different environment with better composition. It’s not finished yet, shown by the spottiness and graininess, and I’m still playing around with it. Next steps are probably to go in and add some etches, scratches, and imperfections with some of the texture and height maps.

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