A Lot of New Tasks to Complete

This week I’ll mostly be listing off the new tasks I was assigned. I haven’t completed them all but a big part of this past week were these changes to my tasks.

So, in terms of Twitter, Vince has gotten more specific with what he wants for the SNAK3 account. The two things that have changes are Follow Fridays and retweets. Vince wants me reaching out to Twitter accounts with smaller followings. So for retweets from now on, I have to include about 1 a day that has about 5 likes and is from an account with 1000 followers or less. Which is a lot more difficult criteria to meet than one may think. Similarly, on Follow Friday, I can only tag accounts with 1000 followers or less, which may be difficult, but only time will tell.

Vince also wants me to start familiarizing myself with TikTok as he’s going to be having me post there for I believe SNAK3, SETVR, and the RPG starting sometime soon. From now on, I’ll also be meeting with the marketing team on Tuesdays and Thursdays around 5-5:30.

Vince also wants me to update the SNAK3 landing page with Nhut, but neither of us are really sure what to do for that. He said he wanted us to update it on Canva and then move it to Leadpages, but the page I made is already on Leadpages and me and Nhut agree that it’s already pretty good. So I’ll have to ask him about that.

I also need to make sure to finish up any final touches on the SNAK3 and Workbook Kickstarter pages and have Nick put in all the banking information and such. Additionally, Vince wants me to update the SETVR Kickstarter with new information from the SETVR website.

I’ve also been working on documenting the Marketing Funnels for SETVR, the RPG, SNAK3, and the Workbook. Those are due tomorrow so I’ll be finishing them up after I make this post. Tomorrow I’ll also be teaching Ameya how to do Twitter posts for SNAK3 and at some point in the near future, I’ll have to begin work alongside Lily and Nick to revamp the RPG Steam page.

I don’t have too many visuals for my work this week. Most of it is just text documents and Twitter posts. However, I can show the work I did on the RPG Book earlier this week. I was able to finish up the items page so that’s looking good. I also added some textures as backgrounds to some pages. Also added spotlights to the opening pages to make it seem more dynamic. Minor edits were done to the Upper and Lower class pages but I plan to edit them more in the future.

Next Week

Next week will pretty much be taken in stride. I plan to have the funnels, kickstarter pages, and landing page done by then for sure. The RPG book will probably be on hold for a little.

Weekly Media

This week’s media is Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!!! Game Freak announced the Gen. 9 Pokemon game and I’m super excited. Hopefully they’ve learned from their mistakes in recent games such as the ones that I’ve heard about in Sword and Shield and Arceus. But overall, super enthusiastic about it!

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