Dev-Log #20 – Ethan Whiting – SNAK3 Publisher Sprint


DVNC has landed a meeting with a publisher for SNAK3 so the whole team is on high alert to get our materials in order by next week. Until the publisher meeting I will be working on revising old materials and generating new materials. There is a lot to get done so let me show you what I have been working on!

The Work

  • SNAK3 Pitch Deck w/ Ameya
  • SNAK3 1 Page Publisher GDD
  • SNAK3 Publisher Email Intro, LinkedIn Intro, and Thank you communication templates
  • SNAK3 Publisher FAQs
  • SNAK3 Development Timeline (in Pitch Deck)
  • SNAK3 Budget Breakdown (in Pitch Deck)
  • SNAK3 Game Synopsis 1 Pager
  • SNAK3 Monetization 1 Pager
  • SNAK3 Full Narrative Synopsis 1 Pager
  • SNAK3 Publisher Meeting Checklist Airtable

These are all my deliverables for tomorrow afternoon. As of this morning I have finished the top 3 tasks. My plan is to finish half tonight before my other meetings and then the other half tomorrow morning bright and early.

A snippet from the SNAK3 GDD

I have been working on many of the materials with another DVNC team member; Ameya! Ameya and I have been kicking some butt on the publisher materials and we are really excited to be doing our part. I enjoy being so immersed into the business aspect of game design, working on all of these tasks has made me reconsider what I may want to be focusing on with my major. I could see myself filling this sort of role in future projects I work on after DVNC.

My Favorite Songs

A busy man has to listen to some tunes while he works. That’s why when I am working, I always reach for “Weapon of Choice” by Fatboy Slim. “Weapon of Choice” has everything you need out of a good song. It has a fast hook, good mixing, Dune references, and a truly stellar performance by Christopher Walken. But sometimes I need to mix it up! That’s why after the heavenly sounds of that legendary Brazilian DJ fade away, I follow it up with a healthy dose of “Funkytown” by Lipps Inc. And let us not forget the legendary “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees.

I will proudly defend my music choice, I think these three songs best paint who I am as a person.

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