Dev Log #20 – Riley Chiang – Piecewise Progression

Nothing too out of the ordinary this week, just following through on the work from last time. Here we go!


When I last logged my progress, I was dealing with an absurd number of computer crashes back to back. Since then, I’ve tried to clean up my desktop and lower the amount of windows I kept open at any given time. This appeared to do the trick, as I’ve yet to experience another major malfunction since, but just to be safe I’m continuing to save intermittently with perhaps an overzealous frequency. Better safe than sorry, I suppose.

After making sure layering was correct, I moved on to making sure that all the new objects were hooked up properly to the events. This included a slight change in the layout of the objects, as the original proposition wouldn’t block off the player’s progression properly. After a few play tests, bug fixes, and the like, most of the implemented changes seem to be functioning smoothly, although there’s a good chance that there’s still work to be done. I’ll probably focus on organizing the scene hierarchy; all these new objects need to be sorted properly, after all.

This should not have taken so long. Thanks a million, blue screen of death!

Early Hotel Designs

At long last, I can finally begin sharing some of the progress I’ve made in SNAK3! Since character art is my forte, creating concept art for buildings is a little out of my usual wheelhouse, but I was happy to take the challenge. The following two pieces are WIPs and the only of several ideas I’ve decided to push forward with. Providing a variety of options is important, so before final submission I expect to create/polish up far more concepts.

The first WIP is a more basic hotel design, not too far from a building you may see in real life. This design is a little bland in my opinion, but it provides a good foundation to fall back on. Plus, maybe a non-extravagant hotel is exactly what the game needs.

If we do need an extravagant wacky hotel, however, there’s this design pitch! Inspired by some strange geometric buildings I’ve seen online, this particular design might be more fit for a hotel-themed dungeon than a standard hotel, but either way, I had fun designing it.

The next designs I’m working on fall somewhere between these two. Hopefully, the spectrum of choices I create will match the game’s needs!

Next Week

Follow up programming tasks and follow up art! Not much else to say; it’s been a pretty standard work week this time around.

This Week’s Media: Pokémon Scarlet/Violet

Pokemon is a company that knows it can juice its fanbase for money whenever and however they like, and they’ve got me in their nostalgia trap. Once again, I find myself riding aboard the hype train, despite the fact that I haven’t even completed Legends Arceus’ post game yet. I love it, but it’d still be nice to have a break from all this hype!

Fuecoco is great, Quaxly is Dewey Duck, and I’m not going to talk about what the internet thinks of Sprigatito.

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