This Week

This week I began my journey into the development for SNAK3! After last weeks pre-production tasks, I continued to get poke around in the Unity project to get a feel for how everything works. I am really looking forward to being part of this development team!

My main task that was given to me on Monday was to create a new level for the game! I looked through the example scene to get a feel for how the game works and what the basic aspects of building a level are. I think that the perspective of the game provides an interesting challenge, because the 2D assets have to look like they fit within the 3D world. This will definitely be a challenge that I can’t wait to overcome. I’ve started to come up with some basic ideas for developing a new level, and comparing that to the code that has already been implemented into the game.

This was the example scene that was given, and what I am going to base my level on. I don’t want to get too crazy for the first level that I develop, since I am still getting used to the development for this project. I think once I get the hang of this, I’ll hopefully be able to add some new aspects to the game!

Plans for Next Week

My plans for the upcoming week are to continue working on developing the level, as well as continuing to familiarize myself with the Unity project. I’ll probably be referring to the documentation for a bit as well as I get used to everything.

This Week's Media

This past weekend I saw the new Batman movie in theaters! It was the first time I’ve been to a theater in a little more than two years, and I couldn’t have picked a better movie to see as the first one back! I really enjoyed the movie since it had a heavy focus on the detective side of Batman that we don’t really see too often. Tonally it reminded me of the Arkham games, which are some of my favorites. Robert Pattinson did a great job as the Dark Knight, and everyone in the cast was really good as well! The run time is a little long, but I highly recommend this movie!

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