Logo and Logo Variations

This week, there has been a huge focus on branding for Snak3 as well as more finalized art/concepts. One of the major elements I needed to focus on for this week has been the logo, which has been the primary focus of the entire week. While I have completed other things while in the process of finalizing the logo, most of my time has been dedicated to it and the revisions I have been told to make. I started off by blocking in the different iterations with central shapes, as seen below. These designs were made before I was informed of any name/branding changes, yet all follow a similar motif and pattern.

I was told to mostly focus on fantasy elements and to ditch any snake-related imagery. The third logo iteration proved to be the closest to the intended image, albeit with a few alterations. I was told to add more roses, to make the sword bigger, add vines, and ditch the text at the bottom altogether. With all of these critiques in mind, I was able to create the current logo, including its lineart. I really like it, but I am very much still open to redesign and changes.

Final Lineart

Other tasks of this week involved completing the line work for multiple completed concepts. The line work focused on the renderings for both main characters as well as previously created creatures. Since I have already completed the line work for Romeo, I decided to just go with an identical line style for every other drawing, as I feel like the jagged, blotchy lines look particularly good with the style of the drawings. Thick lines and harsh shadows, there is not much to say here beyond that I very much like the end results. Overall, I think any changes I’ll make will specifically be making the lines stronger and bolder. 

Personally, I think I captured all the necessary details in each lined drawing, while simultaneously not making it too cluttered or noisy. I think there’s good variation between lines, but in some areas lines should be a bit more pronounced. Any fix here should be extremely simple and easy, and I can’t wait to see future alterations and additions to these pieces. I believe these will be passed onto other teammates for coloring and rendering, I am very excited to see the results. 


Technically, I could write about Elden Ring again, but I think I’ll try to include other things besides From Software related media. I know I’m a little late to the party, but I’ve finally caught up on Smiling Friends! This show is hilarious, with amazing cameos and a cast that really gets my sense of humor. Even beyond the show, interviews and watching the creator’s thought processes and ideas are equally intriguing and hilarious. Adult animation is really in its prime and I can’t wait to watch other shows I’ve heard amazing things about. 

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