What's Been Going On

     Over the past week, I was given new material to work with for the Game Design Workbook and DVNC Website. Throughout the week I pretty much split up my time with the workbook and updating the DVNC website.

      Pertaining the Game Design Workbook, it has pretty much been the same thing as per usual with the weekly updates. I’ve been slowly updating old parts that I’ve worked on and adding new sections to the production. 

     For the DVNC website, there’s been a lot more updates with it as I was given more specific material to work with. The idea was to update the website to fit in with the new branding for DVNC. For the material, I looked at the 3 Investor Pitches I was given. I didn’t have to change much with the design from what I had last time but I definitely had to add a good amount of things to fit the new branding. The first was working with the color palette and making it work with the design. I’ve played around with designs for a bit and decided on one that I had liked to commit throughout the website. This image below is a little sporadic but I sort of like it.

     The bulk of the work was translating the branding information as best as possible in a suitable design. I really liked working with the color palette on this website. I think it’s a refreshing look. Definitely still a WIP.

     Here’s the full website recorded:

What's Next

     I don’t have any meetings this week so I’m going to continue working on refining this website and workbook finished. There’s a lot more things I want to translate into the website and then refining the website.

This Week's Media:


     Started watching Vikings over the weekend as I wanted something to binge. I looked into this since I saw Vikings: Valhalla on Netflix and decided to watch Vikings, which is the prequel to Valhalla. I’m about to finish season 2 with only a couple of episodes left. It’s a really good show and does a great job at exploring Scandanavian and Viking culture – both the bad and great things. I’ve heard that the seasons only get better so I’m really excited. There are about 80 50-minute episodes so I’ve got a long way to go.

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