Revamping the Landing Page

This week, not much changed with Twitter. I did my tasks following the guides Vince set for me and that’s about it. The one thing that did change was the name of the Twitter account for SNAK3. DVNC decided on a new name for the game, Project Rosett, so the Twitter needed to be updated. Other minor things I did this week included finishing the Workbook and Project Rosett Kickstarter pages as well as updating the SETVR page. I also finished my Marketing Funnel Documents, well, sort of. I got done everything I knew, but there are still a few usernames and passwords to log, as well as sections on the Desire part of the funnel. But other than that, they’re done.

For the majority of my week I was working to revamp the Project Rosett landing page. Vince gave me a critique on it, so alongside Nhut, we were assigned to make some changes to it. I also decided to change the palette to better fit the new name, and frankly, I just generally upgraded the design because it wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be. So I’ve nearly finished that, just a few more things to reorganize and such.

Earlier in the week, I actually was able to do a few more thing with the RPG Book. Granted, it was only minor changes and there’s not really much to show. I mostly just began transferring my Illustrator design for the Critics page in to InDesign. I also changed out some images to give characters more interesting poses. At least I think that was this week. Things get a little mixed up in my head sometimes.

Next Week

Next week will just be tying up loose ends from this week and then probably heading back into the RPG Book.

Weekly Media

This week’s media is In Space with Markiplier. For those who don’t know, Markiplier often times releases these story telling and lore building Youtube videos around a universe that he has created. In Space with Markiplier is going to be the latest entry into his series. It’s a choose your own adventure sort of thing.

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