Finishing Fia and the King

I have started the designs for Romeo’s grandmother, Fia, and Julien’s father, the King, a while before finally finishing it. I was distracted by other work and other character concepts, but I’m happily able to display my loose interpretation of these characters. 

Other artists have posted their interpretations of Fia in the Art channel of the discord and I am absolutely in love with the alternative designs. In my opinion, the design I made looks to young and is more fitting for a protagonist character for maybe another property, haha. That doesn’t mean I don’t like the look or the design, but more that it doesn’t fit the tender, older, mother figure Romeo is supposed to have in the story. I will shelve this design for now and hopefully be able to pull elements from the concept in later designs. As for the king, I really love the vibes! I think he looks regal, intimidating, powerful, and collected- a really good leader-type. I’m personally in love with his hair/crown design, but am open to change for any parts of the clothes/body. This is the final character design I’ll be working on, I think, so this is pretty sentimental.

Enemy Designs

I have been assigned enemy designs for a really long time… about 3-4 weeks ago but never had the time to start them. This week, I was able to finally begin the 5 initial enemy designs I was assigned months ago, as well as an additional 10 ordered after the first 5. Here are the results!

I focused on making everything unassuming and cute, just because I didn’t want to try anything too extreme as the first pass. The existing creature designs I have are a bit gory and detailed, so I thought I might as well go for the exact opposite here, as if these enemies were lower level/”early-game”. I completed the first batch before the subsequent two pictures, and the first batch inspired a Pokémon-like approach to enemies and creatures, where these designs would function as first evolutions. Personally, I can’t wait to see these designs complicated and expanded further on into scarier, more powerful creatures! I think all of these guys have the potential for really cool evolution lines and am excited to see this idea taken further. 

Environment Asset Pass

The idea of this assignment was to create simple assets to serve as a style guide for other artists. I decided to maintain the thick, bleeding lines with pitch-dark shadows to create a duotone look. I’m not sure if this is the style that is going to be maintained for the rest of the game’s production, but rather just my vision based on work I have already created. I think these look pretty good and it was nice to practice with different materials regardless.


I finally started Sekiro after beating Elden Ring! My boyfriend bought me this game a while ago for Valentine’s Day and I honestly have been too intimidated to start playing it. This game isn’t really like other titles made by the same director and the combat is more equated to that of a rhythm game than a Soulsgame. Regardless, this game is gorgeous and I can’t wait to get my butt kicked by the ruthless bosses in this game.

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