Dev-Log #22 – Nhut Do – Website Motion and Tablet/Mobile View

What’s Been Going On

     This past week has been a quick one so this updates going to be a little short. As per usual, I spent my time on the workbook, and then I polished up the DVNC website. Working is the same as usual, putting in the time for it whenever I can and slowly finishing it.

     For the DVNC website, I went and polished up the design and created a tablet and mobile version for the website. This required a lot of tweaking around and making sure things were well balanced. Before I went and made the tablet and mobile view, I went in and added in some motion so the website feels more exciting. It definitely made a whole lot of a difference with the motion implemented. 

What’s Next

     Not much on my plate right now so going to focus on the Workbook unless something else comes along.

This Week’s Media:

JJK0 and Batman

     The 3rd trailer dropped for JJK0 and it looks really good. I’m going to be watching this next week in theaters so I’m really looking forward to it. I also saw batman this past weekend and it was really refreshing. DC did an incredible job with the movie. From the story to cinematography to the score, it was an amazing movie.

Some paintings I’ve done recently

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