Moving Past the Landing Page

As always, I’ll go over my Twitter work first. Things were pretty normal up until today when I was assigned new tasks. Most stayed the same but I dropped the posting for the RPG, Project Rosett, and posts on SETVR outside of Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday posts. I also gained doing retweets for the ADDYAY account as well as doing 25 comments a day for it. The comments are a little interesting because I always have to use the phrase “AYY” or “YAY”. It will definitely be a learning process.

This week, I also finished up the Marketing Funnel documentation as well as the Project Rosett Landing Page. The latter had a lot more to do on it than I suspected. However, after creating the story section, working on some images and colors, and creating versions for other devices, I can finally call it done. Now, technically I still need to link the forms to the Project Rosett email and set the social media links up, but it’s done.

Later in the week I was able to get back to working on the RPG Book. It’s getting kind of tedious though because most of the fun stuff is already done. What I did do though was make more improvements to the opening pages so now they look better than ever. I also did some work on the opening page of the Vaudeville Society Section, but I realized after it was sort of a pointless task because the image I worked on would need to be exchanged for a larger version anyway. I also reorganized the Toon Types pages. Granted I included a paragraph section that is yet to exist, but I’m sure I can figure something out. Lastly I continued the transfer of the Critics page into InDesign.

Next Week

Until I’m told otherwise, I’ll just be doing Twitter and the RPG Book with a few left over tasks here and there. Hopefully I can have the Critics page fully realized by next week.

Weekly Media

Been watching a lot of shamisen stuff today so here’s some songs from a band I like called Wagakki Band.

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