Dev-Log #21 – Ethan Whiting – SNAK3 Sprint Complete

Tasks Complete

I have been able to deliver on all of my tasks laid out last week! I enjoyed working to get these deliverables in before the pitch date. It was fun working with Ameya on the pitch deck and the two game synopses. As my tasks wind up, I hope to continuing working with the DVNC team on other tasks.

The most important deliverable was the SNAK3 Publisher pitch deck.

I was responsible for roughly half the slides. I made slides with gameplay, our budget, and our timeline for development. Canva was super helpful when making the pitch deck. I used a ton of their free assets as garnish for the slides. I also used their tools to turn our concept art into easy to use assets like you can see above.

My remaining tasks this last week were to make first passes of many of the documents we needed for our publisher meeting. I made a document listing out FAQs publishers may have for our game, this provides quick, easy, and scripted answers. Next I made a monetization plan where I laid out our plan to use Kickstarter, Steam, and social media to sell copies of SNAK3. Lastly, I made a document that laid out the gameplay loops present in SNAK3 so that publishers could see the functions without all the other information.

What’s Next

As my time as a co-op comes to an end, I will be doing my last few tasks. Going into next week I will be working with Vince and other managers at DVNC to use Github and Airtable more effectively.

Plugging Some Cool Artists

I always appreciate small, lesser know artists on the internets. This week I will put you on about 2 really underrated ones I have come across.

  1. Kevin Temmer Tunes

2. Plexusplay

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