This Week

This week I continued my progress on the level from last week. I’m starting to get a much better idea about how everything works in Project Rosett, and placing the basic structures to form the level has really helped so far. I now need to work on adding the enemy spawns into the level which will make it all the more interesting. I might even move some of the walls to create a type of maze level, but I would have to see how that would work with the wall hitboxes as well as with the enemy spawns.

This screenshot shows my progress with the level so far, and I’ve followed the basic formula from the example level since I figured that would be the easiest way to ensure that I was doing everything correctly. I will continue to expand on this level so that hopefully by the next team meeting I’ll be able to show off a fully completed level!

Plans for Next Week

As next week is my final week at DVNC for my co-op internship, I plan to finish up the level and lay the foundations to create new and exciting levels for Project Rosett.

This Week's Media

As it’s almost the final week, I thought it would be best to bring in at least one more video regarding weird internet mysteries and soft horror. I believe I have shared videos from this creator, Nexpo, before but if not then allow me to introduce him. His channel is focused on deep dives into creepy internet mysteries and he covers a variety of topics such as Local 58 and things from Reddit. Overall I love his videos and the one I’m sharing today talks about some weird online video games from the earlier days of the internet. It’s definitely a longer video, but highly worth a watch if you have a guilty pleasure for this kind of stuff like I do!

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