This past week has been a bit slow, a lot of my tasks revolved around meeting with other people but DVNC has been very busy with publishers. In other news, SNAK3 is officially renamed to “Rosett”. I think this is a much better name and I am really digging the update art.

This week I was able to be added to the Github account for Rosett so that I can start working more hands-on with the project. About half my co-op has been spent on SNAK3/Rosett so I am more than eager to keep that up. I also have been more active with the DVNC social media accounts. I have been making mock Instagram posts in Canva for Rosett and I recently installed TikTok so that I can transition into that platform as well. Like I mentioned, I will have to meet with Vince and Lilly to cement my tasks but I am looking forward to it!

What’s Next?

Recently I have been talking with Vince about my work and time with DVNC. With my co-op coming to an end and management position becoming vacant, I have been offered a position after my co-op. After long consideration and discussion about the role, I have accepted the offer! This means over the next week or so I will be transitioning into this roll rather than slowing down on my work. I have grown to love DVNC and Rosett. I am very excited to continue working with this epic company.

Turning Red

I have been highly anticipating this film. From the marketing and trailers I have seen, I knew I wanted to watch this. The characters showed so much expression and the whole mood of the film really popped for me. I wasn’t able to sleep on Friday night so I just watched this movie. It was just as good as I hoped. I have seen some mixed reviews and I do agree with some of critics’ points. This movie does fall into some overused tropes that can be mildly annoying, but Turning Red also has some very refreshing new energy for a Pixar movie. Overall though I would highly recommend seeing this movie.

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