Rosett Logo Development

Last week, the team of artists were given a new, standardized brush to start styling branding materials and in game art with. Previously, I had used a special brush I had found on the Clip Studio Paint marketplace for free, with a bleeding edge look that I personally liked. However, the bleeding edge looks great for solely lineart, but lose it’s effect when used in colored pieces. The new brush is much smoother and stronger, lending itself to bold, strong lines that can build sharper, more consistent edges. I used the edited logo as an excuse to take the new brush for a test-ride, and I am very happy with the results.

I’m in love with these results! The strength of the lines and the bold shading really enhances the new brush’s effects. There are a few areas that need slight cleaning up, like me forgetting to erase a stray line and whatnot, but in my opinion, this looks really close to final. 

Frog Creature Evolution

I had the sketches of the leftmost creatures prepared before making this piece. Essentially, the assignment was to finalize lineart for the two creatures and create a new, corrupted sketch version in a similar vain to the bunny and owl-stag creature. I think the feet are too detailed on the tadpole creature and that I should switch out the two’s feet designs. In addition, I will be editing the proportions of the tadpole creature so that they are cuter, like a shorter abdomen and bigger eyes. In terms of the line passes, I think they’re really nice, if not too detailed. As for the corrupted creature, I think he needs more scary elements, like larger teeth, spikes and claws. I will be making these changes to both the sketches and the lineart. 

Monochrome Implementations

There was another update to characters’ animations in Monochrome! It’s a relief to see troublesome sprites fixed and tended to properly, as staring at these characters for hours and learning about them has me really attached. The next wave was another batch of miscellaneous animations to fix, covering a variety of characters like Buzzer, Otto, and Maurelle. Some still caused a little bit of trouble, but overall, everything is being ironed out nicely! I’ll be sure to keep up with the development of Monochrome and its amazing cast of characters.


Out of boredom, I started another Gacha game obsession with Pokemon Master’s EX! It’s not too crazy as far as gacha games go, but I love seeing characters/trainers from all across the Pokémon universe interact. There’s a lot of challenging modes and events as well as a good variety of casual content. it’s pretty fun, and I recommend it for anyone with an hour or two to burn or a love for Pokemon characters.  

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