This Week

This week I continued working on the level for Project Rosett, and decided to go all in on making it a maze! My biggest challenge has been the actual design of the maze, since I’ve been fluctuating between something extremely difficult and something very easy. I think that I have found a good balance here, however, and this has been working with my testing so far. My second biggest challenge has been making sure that all of the collisions work with the size of the character as well as the size of the walls. The 3D perspective with the flat sprites has made this a very interesting obstacle, but I’ve followed the main pattern for the edge walls, and that’s been helping.

I’ve been using 3D box colliders to navigate this, as 2D colliders simply weren’t doing what I wanted them to. I had to make the colliders skinny enough to allow for the character and allies to pass through, but had to make them large enough to fill the sprites and give a sense of depth. There is still a little more work to be done in order to perfect the level, but I’ve been very happy to take on this challenge.

Plans For Next Week

Since my co-op is coming to an end this Friday, next week I will be in classes! It’ll be the first time I’ll have in-person classes since March 2020 which is very weird to think about. However, I will make sure that I am available to help ease the transition to the next round of co-op interns. It feels very weird that my internship is coming to an end already, since I remember being nervous in the first onboarding meeting all the way back in September. I am very thankful for my internship at DVNC since I feel like I’ve learned a lot and got the chance to work with so many talented and great people.

This Week’s Media

For the final weekly media, I had to bring it back to where it all started. While I’ve already shared my favorite Local 58 video way back in the first or second Dev Log, today I thought I would share my second favorite. For the uninitiated, Local 58 is a found footage style web-series of analog television broadcasts that is set in a world where everything is not quite what it seems. Today’s video is Weather Service, and it’s my second favorite as it plays into those early 2000s emergency alert broadcasts that used to scare the hell out of me when I was younger. This is also the first of the series to completely go off the rails in terms of content, and that’s one of the reasons why I love it so much.